I finally hit 12k followers, yay!

Not going to lie, this business has been a big journey. The start of this year, i was working as a carer, with 3k followers, then covid-19 hit us all, and my followers went from 3k - 11k literally overnight. With huge masses of orders.

The whole design community was bombarded with rebrand requests and orders, i've had other designers messaging me crying their eyes out through being so overwhelmed, and all the negativity received due to the huge waiting times.

I too was a victim to this, and i'm not going to lie, i am STILL trying to catch up on those ordered with a 28 business day wait. So my apologies to those.

But in hard times, all i could do was try to overcome the problems that were laid out, i hired staff!, I bought new equipment and started to improve on the customer service.

Whilst my wait times are still quite long, this is just because i enjoy doing what i do, and the time and effort i put into my design work is to me priceless.

Hope you're all safe and well!